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Message from the CEO

Dear Shoppers

As the global pandemic continues to impact our communities and this world, the Dionard Campman® Corporation has decided to postpone any new designs and assortment till a future date. We strive to produce quality items for our customers and we could not in good conscience continue to produce new items and not deliver quality clothes that you've come to expect from us. We are still selling all items that are displayed on the website but please be aware that purchases may take longer to produce and ship out, but we promise to keep in contact with you with any and all purchases you make with us. Thank you, and we wish you a healthy 2021 and we look forward to the time when we can showcase our new collection with our customers.


Thank you

Dionard Campman® 


Spring                   is in the                       Air
Bloom                where you are                   Planted

Spring    Favorites

Flowers don't tell                           they show

Cascade Tank Dress

Cascade Tank Dress

One Shoulder Mini

One Shoulder Mini

Cowl Gown

Cowl Gown



DIONARD CAMPmaN presents a collaboration with denchi

These vibrant, unique and art-pop inspired creations were painted by DENCHI. A Dutch-Caribbean artist who uses his fascination with tropical surroundings and architecture of Bonaire and the afro-Caribbean people who call the island home as inspiration for his magnificent work. His painted imagery conveys a sense of joy and his primitive realism style gives the false impression of childlike simplicity.

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