Dionard Campman


The subject matter in DENCHI's works has in common the artist's fascination with tropical surroundings and architecture of Bonaire and the afro-Caribbean people who call the island home. DENCHI's paintings, with their intensely vibrant colors, is reminiscent of the avant-garde pop art movement of the 1960s. His painted imagery conveys a sense of joy and his primitive realism style gives the false impression of childlike simplicity.


Born and raised on Bonaire, DENCHI eventually left his small island in the Dutch Caribbean, to study and work abroad. A career in education, hospitality, and tourism took him to many corners of the world and through his travels, the passion for photography, he's always had since he was a little boy, emerged again. His photography portfolio which includes still life, wildlife and landscape images has appeased in Nikon Magazine, just to mention a few.

DENCHI's painting career started a few years ago when he took a painting class while caring for a sick friend in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Later when he returned to Bonaire, he continued with his painting. It was not long before DENCHI developed his style and his acrylic paintings began appearing in museums and galleries. DENCHI's sought after paintings can also be seen in commercial buildings, restaurants and have been purchased by private collectors.

DENCHI donated part of the earnings of his work to support many charitable organizations on the islands of Bonaire and Curaçao.