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where imagination becomes reality.
Custom creation for beautiful women

The Dionard Campman® Fashion Boutique creates garments to order, allowing the customer to receive a true hand-made garment. We allow the customer to semi-customized elements from the choices garment(s). Elements like, color, fabric, sizing, and if necessary, decoration pieces. Due to these garments being hand-made by the designer, all garments with specialty fabrics will be limited due to the availability of fabrication allowing a handful of the customer to receive a true limited design.

Mission Statement


Dionard Campman® Fashion Boutique captures the spirit of sophistication, elegance, and contemporary fashion by implementing femininity, glamour, and attitude that shows no age. This label designs for the graceful, sexy, and modern woman who understands that fashion can be creative, playful, and fun. Providing luxury and comfort to every woman's wardrobe is the main focus that inspired Dionard Campman® Fashion Boutique each and every day.

Dionard Campman®

Dionard Campman®, founder of Dionard Campman® Fashion Boutique and founder and CEO of Dionard Campman® Corporation.

Dionard's passion for design was inspired by his youth growing up in the Dutch Caribbean and Europe. He knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in fashion design. Due to growing up in these exotic places he was exposed to unique and beautiful designs and cultures which he uses as inspiration in all of his creations. Dionard beliefs that fashion is "where imagination becomes reality" and tries to capture sophisticated, elegant and feminine designs for beautiful women.

His curiosity for discovering and learning has led Dionard down many paths during his studies. Dionard has been involved with numerous fashion-related activities and classes throughout his education at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising / FIDM in Los Angeles California. Dionard has been creating an assortment of garments for the FIDM MODE Magazine and was fortunate enough to be involved with the American Heart Association "Red Dress Program" at FIDM.

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